Thursday, February 15

Surely you jest

Might be stepping on some Daily And-1 toes, but since today's edition hasn't hit my doorstep yet, I'm posting this. Apparently, Pop Durant says his boy might not go to the NBA after this season. Please, spare me your posturing. Nothing you could say will convince me that Kevin will not hit the NBA after his POY season, coming in his freshman year.

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Ryan said...

OUCH! I knew I felt something, consider my toes stepped on. Sorry, a combination of a slow news day (you can only recap college bball so many days in a row), a head cold/headache, and studying for my avian quiz had me ashamedly putting aside the and-1 this morning. Look for a weekend preview sometime later today/tomorrow. (PS: Duke won, if you hadn't heard, because BC doesn't have a real post player since Weedy McPot-Head was jettisoned, sure to be in route to OkSt with the other druggies).