Tuesday, February 13

2/13 Daily And-1

1) NFL House Cleaning - Two franchises did a bit of business yesterday. The Chargers fired their previously not fired coach, I guess losing coordinators made them figure why not. (Dan Shanoff has Pete Carroll pegged for the job, bad idea Pete). Also, the Giants released LB Arrington, LB Emmons, and OT Petitgout. The first two make sense, but Petitgout just had a little injury trouble, maybe the Panthers will take a look? Line depth is an annual issue.

2) College Wrap-Up - Things went precisely as I planned yesterday within the college bball scene. OverratedSU lost to Texas, I mean, Kevin Durant. Sigh, HOW ARE THEY STILL RANKED, THEY'RE A FREAKING 55 ON KP, AND HAVEN'T BEATEN ANYONE (3 Home OT wins and beating OU does NOT count). Not to mention they're 11th in luck. Let's scan the other top-40 luck teams, Alabama, UNLV, Stanford, hmmmmm, is there a THEME HERE. (Wisconsin is 48th, interesting). My GOD people, LUCK JUST DOESN'T CUT THE MUSTARD. Sorry, back to normal now. The Hoyas continued their dominance over the Big East 71 pts on ~57 possessions = OE ~130. Pitt was shocked at home against L'ville. In other news: Bama A&M won the battle of the bottom-5 and Bethune-Cookman beat SC State 46-44, in OT. Yes folks, that game happened this century, and yes that's one point per minute per team (can't wait for the GamePlan link to that one). Lastly, at press time Santa Clara seemed to be cruising to a victory over a Heytvelt-less Gonzaga (42-29), I'll update that in the morning. Final 84-73 Santa Clara

And-1) The loose ends of the day - Braves finally sold to Liberty Media Corp and there's a fun article from the Observer about the Bobcats' future with Bickerstaff and Jordan. More Duke fallout, and a set of midseason ACC grades (UNC a B my ass).

Lady Heels 80 Lady 'Noles 59
VT @ UNC 2/13 Preview
Bulls @ Bobcats 2/14

Mich @ MSU
TTech @ T A&M (Raiders, want me and John off your back? Try winning a game once in a while)
SIU @ Missouri St. (Valley lovefest, John drools)
UNLV @ SDSU (use above comment, insert Rebels for Raiders)
UK @ Tenn

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