Friday, February 2

2/2 Daily And-1

Warning: What Follows is a very weak post, I am heading to bed and going on a weekend field trip tomorrow, so John can And-1 over the weekend if he feels the need.

1) DUKE LOST - called it, well, I call all Duke road games as losses

2) UCLA whipped Oregon - called it, though I was off by 7 pts. (and Wazzu held up at Arizona, weak legs anyone?)

And-1) Ryan picks the Colts in the Super Bowl (10) - If only to keep things interesting, I mean, the whole defense wins championships thing is just a saying right? And my fantasy team can't afford for Indy to be the Super Bowl Losers.

There's a funny story over on Deadspin ripping Bill Simmons and other ESPN personas.

Lady Heels 82 BC 60

UNC @ NC State
Bobcats @ Cleveland
Warriors @ Bobcats

Edit: #1 DEFENSE #1 DEFENSE, after Duke allowed 104 DE last night, UNC BLEW by them, (well Duke was the one who moved, but its a technicality)

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