Wednesday, February 7

2/7 Daily And-1

1) AF Looses - must have been the negative karma from Forde saying they'd run the table. Extra Credit: Who coaches SDSU? Other results, State blew a huge lead @ GT, UVA strengthens grip on ACC #1

2) Pregame reading material -
need I say more?

And-1) USA/Mexico - starting up the Bradley era in US Soccer, we all wish the era had a better name, say the "Klinsman Era". Here is a small sampling of articles about the game: NY Times, USA Today, AZ Republic

KP Blog
UNC Signing Day / National Signing Day

UNC @ Duke
Charlotte @ Philly

FSU @ Clemson
MSU @ Purdue
KState @ KU
OKState @ OU
G'town @ L'ville
Pitt @ WVU
Florida @ 331 Cons UGA (HA)

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