Wednesday, February 14

<3-day And-1

Ok, I'm going to apologize in advance for the next few weeks of blogging, because it is going to be amazingly one-sport tinted. The main sport on the docket now is college basketball, which is what I'll be writing up, the And-1 will be an attempt to honor some other sport. As soon as the NFL Draft rolls around or free agency I'll try and include some of that, but otherwise the well is pretty dry. On to the posting.

1) Hokies sweep Heels - Ouch, that one hurt. Experience > Talent? As I rationalized to John, you can't make only 1 FG in the last 7:30 of Reg/OT and expect to win a close game. The Heels are showing a disturbing trend (1-3 in games of 6pts or less) of either blowing a team out, or not winning. The reason UNC handled Duke is that none of their players could contain Ty Lawson, so down the stretch he put up several huge FGs. Well, the Hokies ain't no slow white boys, and thus defended Lawson better and more physically down the stretch. Doesn't it suck to know that if you swap the performances of the Wake and VT games, the Heels probably come out 2-0? Anyways, to keep dibs on their #1 seed the Heels need to: 1) win the ACC Reg Season OR 2) show up in the ACC Semis/Final (not sure which), doing either of these things makes UNC a lock for a 1 seed. Also, hoping that Ohio St takes care of Wisconsin in the Big 10 would help, since head-to-head we actually beat OSU. Heels fans, just keep one thing in mind: one game a team does not make. (PS: still #1 in KP-land, and a luck driven down to 286)

2) Other College News - GT wins on the road snapping a 17 game streak, I knew it was bad, John and I tease them all the time, but 17 games? Wow, and at FSU none-the-less. Big win for the bubbly Jackets. Tennessee capitalized on UK's letdown and beat them in Knoxville, Texas Tech must have printed out this blog and used it as BB material b/c they responded by upsetting A&M on the road (thank god, maybe this will allow UNC to stay as a 1-seed). SIU creates some separation within the Valley by beating Missouri St.

And-1) Well, And-2 in honor of that BS play in the UNC-VT game - 1) Carlos Zambrano wants to be paid, and NOW. Otherwise he will leave via free agency after the year. 2) Bobcats send Melvin Ely to the Spurs for Eric Williams (no, not that Eric Williams) and a 2nd round pick. Good move, the Bobcats got back what they initially gave up for Ely and a player to fill in.

VT 81 UNC 80, OT
Bulls @ Bobcats 2/14

Duke @ BC (watch as Byron cheers for the Dookies)
Indiana @ Purdue
Marquette @ DePaul
Wazzu @ UW (bubblicious)
'Bama @ Florida
Arkansas @ Miss St.

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