Monday, February 19

2/19 Daily And-1

1) UNC/BC Game - "I fully expected us to go up there and lay an egg", was the quote via Byron after the game. Well, he was half right, the Heels' usually tight defense allowed the Eagles to shoot too well and visit the FT line too often but fighting fire with fire usually works, and the Heels own offense proved to be mightier bolstered by offensive rebounding (nearly half of UNC's misses fell back into their own hands, 26 FGM + 4 FTM, 13 ORs). The win coupled with a VT loss to insanely hot (67% hot) NC State put the Heels slightly in the drivers seat for the ACC reg season title and (in my opinion) the #1 seed that would surely follow. Observations. Other ACC action - Duke beat the hapless version of the GT team (the one that plays on the road) also the reminder of impending Coach K praise, if I hear you complaining about it I'm just going to yell at you the same way I yelled at you when you said things like "Duke sucks, they won't make the tournament" or "We should beat them by 20 points" consider yourselves warned, UVA beat FSU to stay in the 3-loss club (or should I say duo), Clemson continued to "play poorly with a target on its back", and Wake clawed their way out of the basement.

2) College review - the Overrateds lost again this weekend (yes OU and OSU), I'll, for clarity's sake, stop referring to Ohio St as Overrated-SU so we all know which two teams are Overrated U and Overrated SU. Vandy topped Florida, ruining their perfect SEC season but having little other real affect (besides punching their own dance ticket). SIU "upset" Butler, and the 2 Carolina BracketBusters toppled their Valley foes. Georgetown held off a quality Villanova side whose gameplan was excellent (Hibbert a non-factor, guarding the passing lanes well, switching defenses does anyone have tape of this for that big tournament in a month or so?). Florida is now #4 in KP-land, new order of business UNC, KU, A&M, FL, OSU, after the Jayhawks held the Huskers to 39 pts, they're the new #1 DE. The fall by Florida shows their weak SOS, comparable to Memphis. Ok, I know the last thing this site needs is another gimmick, but, I think that on Mondays and Fridays (after the majority of college games has been played Tue/Wed/Thu or Sat/Sun) I'm going to list the 2 or 3 teams that have "punched their ticket" to the dance. These will not repeat themselves (once your ticket is punched, thats it), nor will they be obvious teams that are current locks, but instead teams that have recently won a game/series of games that should get them in.

Tickets punched this weekend:
Vandy - beat Florida
Louisville - beat Pitt and Marquette, both on the road
Duke - won 2, essentially assured of a .500 ACC finish
(John, feel free to comment)

And-1) All-Star Weekend - John and I watched the Saturday activities via DVR and were pretty entertained, here's a recap. The Detroit team (Chauncey Billups, Bill Lambeer, and some chick) took the "Shooting Stars Challenge", Jason Kapono tied a final round record (24) to win the 3 pt shootout, D-Wade took the Skills Contest, and Gerald Green dunked his way over Nate Robinson (literally and metaphorically) Dee Brown style to win the dunk contest, though the best dunk was Dwight Howard's "12-6 Sticker Dunk" in which he dunked the ball and left a sticker up on the backboard at 12' 6". The West easily won the All-Star game 153-132. Observations.

Golden Boy Expecting

UNC 77 BC 72
NC State @ UNC 2/21


UNC 93 Miami 70
State 72 UNC 65
Wake Forest @ UNC 2/20

Hornets @ Bobcats 2/20
Bobcats @ T'Wolves 2/21
76ers @ Bobcats 2/23
Raptors @ Bobcats 2/24

Villanova @ Marquette

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John said...

Movers and shakers is all you, big guy. I will comment on them after you post them, though.

Louisville should be in after this week, and Duke was in anyway. I'd be a bit wary of Vandy, though; they could still drop two of their remaining four. Beating Florida doesn't guarantee a spot (see: Florida State), but it certainly helps. If they win their next two games, they're 'bout it 'bout it. If they split the next two, they're probably in. Drop the next two, though, and they're probably right back on the bubble.