Saturday, February 24


Toe-stepping ahoy!

Top 50 Games for Saturday

Clemson at Boston College (Clemson needs a win here to get back on track in the ACC; they stand at 5-8 right now, with a slim chance of making the tournament)

Georgia Tech at Virginia (will Georgia Tech be able to win their second ACC road game??)

Indiana at Michigan State (Michigan State gets an excellent chance to prove it's for real real to the nation by taking down Indiana in Michigan. game of the day, as it's an 14-11 matchup)

Texas at Oklahoma (choking ahoy! another victory shitted away by Oklahoma!)

Marquette at Notre Dame (Notre Dame gets a chance to solidify its bid for the Tournament ["punch its ticket," if you will] with a victory over slightly-overrated Marquette)

Pittsburgh at Georgetown (Georgetown ROLLS over Gray-less Pittsburgh)

Stanford at UCLA (go Cardinal! make it twice this season, and 10 victories in the Pac-10!)

Florida at Louisiana State (they're still in the Top 50? How??)

Mississippi State at Georgia (easily the most boring matchup of all these, at 30-43)

Tennessee at Arkansas (I stand corrected: 47-40)

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