Thursday, February 1

2/1 Daily And-1

1) State upsets VT - Or should I call this entry ACC Parity part 2? State nails down its second win of the season (2-5) and hands VT only their second loss (other was @FSU). Seems like the GT/Wake game, except it should have been GT's 2nd loss but they're busy sucking it up. Anyways, I've scoured the box score, and NOTHING. VT took care of the ball (5-14 TOs), FTs were equal (13-21 to 14-21). The only discrepancy was FG% (18% diff) and eFG% (21%). That's it, pretty stunning. Its well put by McFarling of the Roanoke Times.
Edit: to John and all of you out there swooning over the PAC-10, KP and I agree ACC>PAC-10 and props to KP for upping the posting.

2) College B-Ball results (see below) - A) a fraud was uncovered, B) a slippery slope steepened, C, D & E) a championship case asserted (x3), F) rising star discovered (a: x1 team, b: x1 player). Feel free to play along at home, answers in tomorrow's And-1. Oh, and um G) none of the above?

(ok, this is proving to be too difficult for some of you: A) fraud team, B) slippery slope team, C) Champ case team 1, D) Champ case team 2, E) Champ case team 3, Fa)Rising star team, Fb) Rising/risen star player, G) Game below that meets none of above) I can't believe I just typed that all out.

And-1) Panthers Sucked - In 3 different ranking (Page 2, FO, PFR) systems the 2003 Panthers were the 2nd worst Super Bowl team of all time. I guess this reflects how well they had to play in the playoffs.

UNC 105 Miami 64 - Did anyone outside of Dade county expect anything different? Also, Frank Haith is a true gentleman "I really don't want to talk about the officiating because I really don't want to take anything away from Roy's club. He's got a great team and they really took it to us tonight." (Lucas Article) Also, UNC is within .1 AdjDE of the previously unreachable Duke, thanks to the performance last night coupled with Miami's prior OE improved our defense.

Bobcats 104 Knickerbockers 87 - Gerald Wallace 42 points, he's turning into quite an expansion draft find adding scoring to all the other things he does well. In other Bobcat news Felton and Morrison will be playing in the Rookie-Soph game. The Bobcats are also 4.5 games out of a playoff spot.

Lady Heels @ BC

Other Results
Indiana 71 Wisconsin 66 - noise made
Ohio St 78 Purdue 60
KState 80 Mizzou 73
Texas 76 TTech 64 - Durant 37/23 WOW, ok, maybe I'm sliding towards the "the Bobcats would be happy with both" category, but in 5 years everyone will look back on Durant talk and LAUGH
Florida 74 Vandy 64 - The 'doors kept it close, and lead by 12, but Florida was just toying with them, I guess they wanted the SEC to look better, quite altruistic of them, no?
Depaul 66 UConn 58 - bleeding worsened, as I predicted to John last night, UConn will go on a run, get the 11th spot in the Big East Tournament, wax the weak field while someone else takes care of Pitt for them, and promptly lose in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tourney
Gonzaga 90 Stanford 86 - (see John's post for commentary)

Duke @ UVA
Oregon @ UCLA - 25 points, EASY, UCLA is pissed and Oregon is OVER-RATED
Wazzu @ Arizona


John said...


I've got all the answers to your little "game" but one - what is your rising star team? Kansas State? Overrated. Gonzaga? Everyone was 'bout it 'bout it earlier in the season for Gonzaga (including me, to be sure), but they aren't really anymore. So how are they a rising star team? Unless by "rising star team" you mean they have Raivio and Heytvelt.

I never said the Pac-10 was better than the ACC. The Pac-10 is a lot of fun to watch with such parity (you could say the same about the ACC, but to me watching Stanford beat USC and UCLA is much more enjoyable than watching Maryland and Georgia Tech eat shit from Miami and Wake Forest). The true measure of which conference is the best, in my opinion, will be evidenced by who receives the most bids in the tournament, and we won't know that until March, obviously. At this point, it's not unreasonable for both conferences to be considered for seven bids, but I think the ACC will get six while the Pac-10 gets five. That will prove to me that the ACC was the better conference this year. Ask yourself this, though - would you rather watch a Stanford-Arizona game, or a Florida State-Clemson game? Those are legitimate middle-of-the-pack teams in each conference, and I think it says a lot about the conference by how far deep in the league you can go and still have an exciting game.

Ryan said...

ok, just to respond, Arizona and Stanford are 4th and 6th, translate to ACC: Duke Clemson, which was a pretty damn good game. Also, how doesn't the ACC have depth? Underachievers Maryland and GT are 8th and 10th overall in the conference. Also, "rising star team" think bigger picture not just this year (though I think I gave away the answer). By the by, can you please respond in the form suggested within the blog, or at least respond at all, though I can see you not wanting to ruin it for everyone else. Also, when I first posted, I forgot that Oregon beat UCLA in Eugene, so that just makes them even more pissed.

Ryan said...

also, #12 State beat #1 VT away last night can you really see Arizona St beating UCLA at UCLA? yeah, didn't think so (though funny Herb Sendek parallel)

John said...

Actually, they're 5-6, which would translate to a Virginia-Clemson matchup (still pretty good, in my opinion).

I didn't want to ruin it for Byron, I wanted to try and make him guess without giving anything away.

And yes, the bottom of the barrel is head and shoulders above the bottom of the barrel in the Pac-10. All good points.

John said...

All right, I'm guessing Gonzaga because of their youth outside Raivio (I didn't know Heytvelt was a sophomore) as the rising star team as opposed to Kansas State, a team full of juniors and seniors. Although it could be NC State as well, I'm pretty sure they'll suck next year too.

Ryan said...

sorry, Stanford is 3rd, Stanford, USC and Wazzu are 3rd, 4th, 5th (all 6-3), Stanford beat both Wazzu and USC Wazzu only beat USC, and USC lost to both.