Tuesday, October 27

week 7 pick 'em

Week 7
ryan: 8
john: 8
kevin: 8
jason: 7
alex: 2

jason: 44
ryan: 44
kevin: 39
john: 38
alex: 35

consensus: 4-2 (more consensus picks because alex went all underdogs, so i excluded his picks)

Sunday, October 18

Week 6 Pick 'em

So, in a reversal of fortunes this week Alex has posted the highest total, he made notable headway on the Bills, Ravens and Texans.

week 6
alex: 10
ryan: 8
jason: 7
john: 7
kevin: 6

jason: 37
ryan: 36
alex: 33
john: 31
kevin: 31

This is as of Sunday night, but we all pick the two remaining games the same way (Atlanta -3 & Denver +3.5). Everyone will remain in the cumulative order shown, but we may all pick up some W's between now and week 7.

Also, this week we tried picking parlays, and we have all struck out to this point. Incorrect parlay picks include Steelers (Alex), Vikings (Kevin, Ryan), Jets (Kevin), Lions (Jason), and Eagles (John). We're 3-1 in consensus picks, wins: Pats, Falcons and Broncos and the Eagles dropping the ball.

Thursday, October 15

Week 6 Pick 'Em

Trying something new here folks:

Sunday, October 11

Setting the Week 5 table

Current Rankings

jason: 30 (8)
ryan: 28 (5)
kevin: 25 (10)
john: 24 (9)
alex: 23 (8)

Sunday, October 4

week 4

wow, i laid an absolute egg:

kevin: 8
john: 7
jason: 7
alex: 7
ryan: 4

kevin & john have pitt (-6.5), we all have minny (-3.5), so, john and kevin will pick up one and we'll all stay in stride monday night. i notably whiffed on DET, NYJ, STL, and SEA who either everyone else, or only one other person missed.

Friday, October 2

Great NBA Training Camp Stuff

So I figured that week 5 of the college football season was a great time to show everybody this NBA Training Camp footage. I found this playing on the NBA TV channel, and it's a great insight into the kinds of things coaches go over when preparing their teams for the season. Here's Nuggets coach George Karl directing rookie Ty Lawson (known only as "Rook") about eschewing the open three in favor of driving to the basket. He also teaches him about decision making on the break and when to pass up shorter shots. Starts at around the 9:00 mark, in case you don't want to watch the whole thing.

There's also an excellent video on the Lakers that runs just as long. It's available here. And yes, they do discuss Adam Morrison's future and how much less of a douche Sasha Vujacic is now that he cut his hair.