Thursday, February 8

2/8 Daily And-1

1) Rivalry Week Con't - KU put upstart KState to sleep, OU SHOCKED Ok State by playing the way we all (read KP-heads), know they could, and UNC's bench finally outlasted the 6-man Blue Devils. Also, UCLA held serve over local rival USC (19th? How'd that happen?)

2) Signing Day Suprises - Several teams benefitted from signing day suprises, USC, Alabama, Miami, and UNC. Butch Davis landed a couple of suprises, Marvin Austin #1 DT, Dwight Jones #4 WR pulled away from the likes of FSU and Tennessee. Here is the whole class list.

And-1) Cowboys Coach - WOW, dodged a bullet there, the Cowgirls are naming Wade Phillips their new head coach. As I said when the Norv Turner rumors were floating around, the Cowboys defense that fell apart as the season went along (Wk 1-12 4th, 13-16 32nd). Thank GOD they hired a defensive coach, now maybe they'll sign/draft some linemen and be in business (but I hope not).

Edit: USA 2, Mexico 0, Brilliant!

UNC 79 Duke 73
Philly 92 Charlotte 83
Duke @ UNC (Ladies this time)

Clemson 71 FSU 58
Purdue 62 MSU 38
KU 97 KState 70
OU 67 OKState 60 (shocker)
G'town 73 L'ville 65
Pitt 60 WVU 47
UCLA 70 USC 65
Florida 71 331 Cons UGA 61

ND @ Depaul (don't you just love this time of year, bubble teams EVERYwhere)
Stanford @ Wazzu


Chuck said...

You know, I like this whole you-do-all-the-work-so-i-can-keep-up-with-sports things you have going on here.

Thanks -- Say what up to caitlyn(SP?) for me.

Ryan said...

yesssssss, consider my week made, and katelyn says hi back