Friday, February 9

2/9 And-1 Weekend Style

This is going to be a quick And-1, and I apologize for the late post but I had a Linear Algebra test today. Anyways, I'm dropping the usual style and posting several interesting commentary pieces since yesterday was slow game-wise. Also, I'll line up the weekend's action so you know "What 2 Watch 4".

Top Stories:
1) Duke avenges men's loss at Cameron, taking battle of unbeatens.
2) Wazzu for real? - takes revenge for OT loss (too bad no FSN)
3) Depaul holds off ND - Bubblicious

Edit: Showing off the Duke education: "As long as you don't bring your gayness on me, I'm fine" Shavlick Randolph

Selection Committee - Pat Forde, Andy Katz, and others go inside the process to pick the field of 65 for the Tournament.
Cavs for real?
Wade Phillips - several commentaries on the hire, most signs apparently point to wanting a head coach that wouldn't cramp Garrett's style (the previously hired OC) in developing as a play caller.
Dr. Z rates the NFL commentary teams - high praise for the low sample size of ESPN's B Team, the bashing of the usual suspect (ESPN's A Team)
The many faces of John Scheyer, as further evidence by his pics in the UNC-Duke game slideshow. Some are also concerned about Duke's NCAA chances (ha), speaking of here is the CBS Sportsline Bubble Watch, and the ACC tourney will be in HD (do they have HD in Puerto Rico?)
Bush at it again? More sketchy behavior from the former Trojan, apparently allegedly interfering with Joe McKnight's decision.
John Clayton peeks at the 2007 NFL, yeah, yeah, I know I said no more, but THATS IT.

Wake @ UNC 2/10
UNC @ FSU (ladies) 2/12
Blazers @ Bobcats 2/9
Bobcats @ Rockets 2/10

Illinois @ Indiana
Purdue @ OSU (coming off MSU win, can they upset the kings of the overrated?)
Kansas @ Mizzou (will the rivalry matter?)
TTech @ OkState (interesting matchup, both HIGHLY overrated)
Marquette @ G'Town (can the Hoyas keep it rolling and step into the top 10?)
UCLA @ WVU (good late year out of conference matchup)
Creighton @ SIU
Ariz @ Oregon (Biscuits for both teams?)
Florida @ UK (easily game of the week, a very underrated Wildcat team could tag the Gators with their only SEC loss)
Arkansas @ LSU
Vandy @ UT

Duke @ Maryland
UConn @ GT (Jackets can get revenge for '04)
BC @ FSU (are the Eagles for real real?, we'll see FSU's lone home L is Clemson 66-68)

and just for John
Stanford @ UW


Byron said...

"1) Duke avenges men's loss taking battle of unbeatens at Cameron."

WHAT?! I'm certain you mean Carmichael and not Cameron. Bush League.

Ryan said...

i think you should read a little more carefully next time byron [shakes head in disgust]

Byron said...

WTF?! Antagonizing half of your readership when you were clearly in the wrong? I even have John "the grammar Nazi" Abernethy in my corner on this one. Honestly...

Ryan said...

alright alright, i f'ed up, i mean, when you post pratically EVERY DAY some mistakes are bound to happen, at least someone is there to read them. you know if a mistake is typed on a blog that no one reads, it really isn't a mistake.