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2/28 Daily And

Ok, here goes folks, I have class at 11 am so this will be the usual time for this post (2 or 3ish) as opposed to in the morning. Anyways, onto the Mon/Tues activities.

1) College Wrap Up - (yes, its no coincidence, this category is growing faster than the national debt) Here is the important action: Michigan beat Mich St, ticket punching-ly good? eh, tough call, its a good win, but keeping up with Ohio St Saturday would almost get them there, congrats to Tommy Amaker for digging this program out of the depths (no bids since 1998) have the Dookies found their Roy Williams? Pitt stepped out of their funk (2-2, with wins over middling UW and S Hall) and beat sometimes dangerous WVU (they're only dangerous if you don't know how to handle their O or you take them lightly), this could save Pitt as a 2-seed, but only because of the poll-love, did you know that in KP land Maryland is better than Pitt?, see folks its OK to lose at Maryland. LOOK WHO'S ALIVE, its the Pokes down there in the Big XII, actually winning against a team with a winning record (KSt) will they make the tourney? (God I hope so, it makes picking the 6 over the 11 eeeeeeeeasy, and I mean EEEEEEEEASY). AFA lost to the Cougars, ending a long home winning streak, and slipping the Falcons into bubble land. Oh, yeah, the Gators lost, again, they're still a team to beat, one of the 8ish who have decent odds to win the whole thing (John lets make a short list). Also, G'town lost to a jacked up 'Cuse who really needed the win, and who's 2-3 is tailor-made to combat the Princeton offense, (they're still on the short list). To me, some of the incentive in winning a #1 seed for the Heels is going to East Rutherford, and NOT having Georgetown as a #2 since that would give the 'Hoyas a regional advantage. Also, Oklahoma acted just as expected by choking on Senior night against the Jayhawks. Also, the bubblicious local team Winthrop advanced to the Big South Quarters, and a new Forde Minutes.

Some articles via ACC Basketblog - Andrew Jones, Heel's potential, Ginyard attempts to motivate

2) NFL Combine/News - Clayton wraps up the combine with a great winners/losers section, and the Houston Chronicle weighs in on discipline, though a little draconian I would be in favor of a more strict off field incident on field punishment system (especially lost pay going to charities or something of that nature). Also, I've found that Hail Redskins has a great mock draft compilation with links and dates of a large array of mocks, its what I'll be using until the Mock Draft Muncher is reopened for this year. As of now I'd like the Panthers to target LSU S Landry or Florida S Nelson one of whom should be available at #14. And if you didn't know, the Browns won the coin toss and will pick 3rd, leaving the Bucs to pick 4th.

And-1) World Cup 2018 - The world's largest (but not best) sporting event is looking for a 2018 home, the FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said that, assuming 2014 goes to Brazil or Columbia, the 2018 World Cup would be in North America (read US, Mexico, or Canada). The 2010 Cup will be in South Africa which is when the 2014 host will be announced. The Cup is moved through the main Football bodies around the world Europe UEFA (
France 1998, Germany 2006), Asia (Korea/Japan 2002), Africa (S. Africa 2010), and then North America CONCACAF which hasn't hosted since the US in 1994.

UNC @ GT 3/1
Dook @ UNC 3/4

Duke 67 UNC 62
UNC vs. BC/VT Winner 3/2 (ACC Tourney)

Bobcats 102 76ers 87
Raptors 93 Bobcats 76
Clippers 100 Bobcats 93
@ Sacto Kings Wed
West coast trip: 1 game down, 0-1

Maryland @ Duke (this should be a good one)
Texas A&M @ Texas (ditto as above, hook 'em horns)
'Nova @ UConn
Miss St @ Arkansas
VT @ UVA (go 'Hoos)
Memphis @ UTEP (the Tigers are beefing up their schedule again)
UCLA @ Wazzu (tasty)

now, wasn't that better than a tuesday post and a wednesday post? let me know what you think

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