Thursday, February 15

2-15 Power 16

#1 Seeds
1. Florida
2. North Carolina
3. Ohio State

#2 Seeds
5. Wisconsin
6. Texas A&M
7. Kansas
8. Memphis

#3 Seeds
9. Pittsburgh
10. Georgetown
11. Washington State
12. Butler

#4 Seeds
13. Air Force
14. Arizona
15. Southern Illinois
16. Marquette

Now we're starting to get a little less nonsensical with this exercise. I think I'd be pretty happy if these were the seedings given if Selection Sunday were today. Thoughts? Anyone too high/too low? The only really notable omissions are Kentucky and Oregon (no, I don't think Duke would get a top-4 seed at this point). Do you realize Kenpom gives Kansas a #1 seed at this point? Routing Colorado helps, it seems. Losing to Colorado (AHEMOVERRATEDSTATEUNIVERSITYAHEM) doesn't. Damn Pokes.

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