Thursday, February 15

Byron loves these posts

Top ACC players, according to ORtg (using 20% poss):

1. Ja-red Dud-ley (clap clap cl-cl-clap), Boston College (It's not even close. He has to be considered for POY at this point, and will almost certainly get ACC POY.)
2. K.C. Rivers, Clemson (still coming off the bench? Ryan?)
3. Zabian Dowdell, Virginia Tech
4. Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina
5. Ben McCauley, North Carolina State

Any qualms with this as a first-team All-ACC list? Rivers probably won't make it because he (I think) still comes off the bench, which would get Brandan Wright a look at #6.

Edit: Oh wait, Sean Singletary has to be on first team All-ACC. He probably takes Dowdell's or Wright's spot. Also, Al Thornton is the only other player worth mentioning in this team too. So it seems there are eight players vying for five spots: Dudley, Rivers, Dowdell, Hansbrough, McCauley, Wright, Singletary, and Thornton. The final list will probably consist of Dudley, Hansbrough, Singletary, and Thornton, with either Dowdell or McCauley picking up the #5 spot.

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Ryan said...

Shouldn't it be "clap, clap, clap-clap-clap"? I mean the clap doesn't stutter or anything.