Tuesday, February 20

2/20 Daily And-1

Yeeesh, what a slooooooooooooooow day. But never fear folks, I'll dredge up some kernels of news from here and there.

1) NFL News - The Chargers hired Norv Turner as Head Coach (not a bad move, they really just needed a servicable coach to use the current talent to win) and snagged Ron Rivera as LB's coach. The Colts franchise tagged Dwight Freeney and FO has a story about how tagging began. Lastly, Minter apparently played every minute for the Panthers last year for the first time.

2) College Wrap-Up - Marquette beat 'Nova, Bob Knight is pissed about the age rule (thats all he thinks about every time Durant snags a board or swishes a 3), and the cover story on ESPN poses the amazingly confusing conundrum of how OSU can be the #1 overall team but not a #1 seed according to Joe Lunardi. Wow, its as if the voters poll has NO IDEA what its talking about, and only reacts to short-term winning streaks and not overall ability of a team. Gee, whould have thunk it?

And-1) NBA News - Jordan finally said something about the Bobcats, and a good something, "We will spend to win", via a letter to Bobcat Season Ticket Holders (yeah, all 12 of them). Felton and Paul will reunite tonight as the Hornets come to town.

NC State @ UNC 2/21

Wake Forest @ UNC 2/20

Hornets @ Bobcats 2/20
Bobcats @ T'Wolves 2/21
76ers @ Bobcats 2/23
Raptors @ Bobcats 2/24

Wisconsin @ Mich St (12? how'd THAT happen)
T Tech @ Texas
DePaul @ ND
Air Force @ John's favorite lock for the tourney
OverratedU @ Mizzou
LSU (47? how'd THAT happen) @ UK

new note: when not in a title, italics denote sarcasm


John said...

Uhhh...Nevada's next game is Thursday, at Idaho.

John said...

Also, no love for OverratedU *cough* vs. Mizzou?

Ryan said...

1)I was being sarcastic about your "FAVORITE" Lock for the tourney (hint hint, the one you email bubble guy to get removed from the list)

2)I must have been distracted, "OverratedU" does play Mizzou (and that does rhyme)

John said...

Ah. You should have said "Air Force @ John's favorite," then.

John said...

Glad to see we've gotten that little snafu cleared up.