Tuesday, February 6

2/6 "Daily" And-1

So, I'm back after the weekend (and yesterday) off. I'll just sum up some recent events, sorry for being light on the links.

1) Colts win Super Bowl - The Bears offense didn't do enough against the "weak" Colts defense and within the main matchup Colts O nickel and dimed Bears D. Congrats to Peyton for never having to answer "the question" again.

2) ACC Upsets - When was the last time both Duke and UNC came into the big game off losses? Does anyone know? Well, I guess we'll find out during the broadcast. (first time since 1989 that Duke comes in with 2 straight losses).

And-1) Aggies on a tear - Looks like I was wrong about the Aggie/Jayhawk matchup and then A&M rubbed it in my face, earning biscuts last night against the 'Horns. I guess we should have all seen that one coming though, with Texas' ~100th ranked defense. I guess they're kind of like an inverse Duke, well, thats Arizona, but a poor man's inverse Duke.
Texas 8/103
Duke 48/1
Arizona 2/64
For compairison/prediction sake, lets look deeper at a couple of recent matchups, 2 balanced teams (UNC/A&M) playing an offensive focused team: A&M 100 Texas 82 and UNC 92 Arizona 64, arguably similar results. Both teams again playing a defensive focused team: A&M 69 Kansas 66, UNC ?? Duke ??, I'd predict a similar result (under 5 pt game) and restate what I've said in the past, defense is much much much more hard to coach, a team concept, and important to winning than offense.

A couple of random links to finish off the day:
Super Bowl 42 odds
John's a big liar, Stanford is his fave Pac-10 team

Tonight's College B-Ball
State @ GT (is someone going to "lose their legs" or "not play well with a target on their back"?)
LSU @ Tenn (LSU has lost 5 in a row, the last 3 by a total of 14 pts)

State 83 UNC 79
UNC @ Duke 2/7

Lady Heels 82 BC 60
Duke @ Lady Heels 2/8

Cleveland 101 Charlotte 81
Charlotte 98 Golden St. 90
Miami 113 Charlotte 93
Charlotte @ Philly 2/7

Edit: Forde Minutes added today, and Iona jumped up to 313KP and dropped to 2nd Cons (bumped by 11-11 Manhattan). On the other end of the spectrum, OU is still the least consistent team, despite beating TTech.


John said...

Haha, I was wondering if you'd mention that today.

By the way, Chris Iannetta was selected in the fourth round of the 2004 draft, which means (like you said) that he was here our freshman year.

Oh, and Baseball America's Top 10 Prospect lists are back up. Jeff Samardzija is the #3 prospect in the Cubs organization.

John said...

("that" = Kenpom post)