Thursday, February 22

2-22 Power 16

Power 16 for 2-22

#1 Seeds
1. Florida
2. North Carolina
4. Ohio State

#2 Seeds
5. Kansas
6. Wisconsin
7. Texas A&M
8. Memphis

#3 Seeds
9. Georgetown
10. Pittsburgh
11. Washington State
12. Duke

#4 Seeds
13. Butler
14. Louisville
15. Air Force
16. Texas

Ryan, I'd like to see (if you're up for it) a mini- State of the NBA, focusing specifically on Wade, the Bobcats, and whatever else you'd like to comment on. This can be part of your Daily And-1 or *gasp* a different post altogether! Also, let's get a little golf love in the house. If not included in the Daily And-1 tomorrow (don't know how slow the news day will be), I'll do a post on recent match play.

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