Wednesday, February 21

2/21 Daily And-1

yet another slow news day, here goes

1) College Recap - MSU "upset" Wisconsin (that's called a 5 spot KP difference and playing on the road), John's favorite lock is actually a lock now (the beat AFA), UK did what they had to and beat LSU at home (must have been haaaaaard), and WVU slipped up at Providence, 9-41 3FGs? (feeling a little more bubbly Mountaineers?). Oh yeah, the chokers (OverratedU) went into Mizzou and, well, choked.

2) Pro News Wrap-Up - The new prodigy Jason Garrett has been named O-Coordinator for the Cowboys, Cubs pay Zambrano 12.4 mil, why not just go to arbitration, that figure would probably be lower (is he worth it? John? anyone?)

And-1) Uh-oh - Kevin Durant is planning on attending classes through May, sucks for that #2 lottery winner

NC State @ UNC 2/21

Wake Forest @ UNC 2/22

Bobcats 104 Hornets 100 Felton 21/11, Okafor 5 BS

Bobcats @ T'Wolves 2/21
76ers @ Bobcats 2/23
Raptors @ Bobcats 2/24

BC @ VT (Go Eagles, b/c we'll need VT to beat UVA later)
FSU @ Maryland (someone should fear the turtle)
Michigan @ Illinois
A&M @ Overrated SU
'Bama @ Tenn
Vandy @ Miss St.

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