Thursday, February 22

2/22 Daily And-1

1) College Recap - A&M went to and smoked OverratedSU; OSU squeaked one out over Penn St, as KP said "It’s not often you see a cellar-dwelling team lose a starter in the first minute and still hang with the #1/#2 team in the nation in their building for 35 minutes."; Miami upset UVA and put UNC officially firmly in the drivers seat to an unshared ACC Reg Season Title. Miss St. pulled off the "upset" over Vandy (the Bulldogs were at home and had a 15 point higher KP rating); also, Andrew Jones out in Wilmington thinks the ACC won't get but 7 bids.

2) UNC/State Game - I'd like to provide my thoughts since I actually got to go to the game. In the second half we turned up the defensive intensity and started to rebound the ball on the offensive end of the floor. The Wolfpack didn't shoot any worse in the 2nd half, but I'm pretty sure their TOs increased. Too bad tarheelblue doesn't have that nifty intense box score with everything split to halves. Line of the game, Danny Green: 3-6, 2-3 (3pt), 4ORb 8TRb, 3 Blks, 1 steal, and all in 17 mins. Good Lucas article too.

And-1) NFL News Lineup - The Panthers are keeping Mike Rucker, the Lions tagged DT Redding (yeah, who?, apparently when you have one 8 sack year you're a top-5 DT), Also, the "NFL Meatmarket" starts in Indy soon here is a list of players to watch (well, you can't see yourself, so watch Mel Kiper Jr. or SportsCenter) and a good article on interview prep for the players.

Also - Women will get equal pay at Wimbledon

UNC 83 State 64

Wake Forest @ UNC 2/22

Bobcats 100 Bulls 85
Bobcats 104 Hornets 100 Felton 21/11, Okafor 5 BS
Bobcats 100 T'Wolves 95 - Morrison scored 26 and 13 in a row to lead the comeback from 17 pts down
76ers @ Bobcats 2/23
Raptors @ Bobcats 2/24

VT >> BC
FSU >> Maryland (someone should fear the turtle)
Michigan < Illinois
'Bama < Tenn

Duke @ Clemson
Stanford @ USC
Wazzu @ OverratedU (snicker snicker)

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You forgot to mention my favorite lock at Idaho tonight