Monday, February 5

NFL Playoff Pick'em Final Results

I'll get to a "weekend And-1" some time later this afternoon, as of now I just want to finish out the NFL Pick'em season.

Ryan +32 (10-1) (37-43)
John 0 (7-4) (44-36)
key: pts (playoff record) (season record)

Not sure what motivated John to pick the Bears, his post wasn't very clear, then again neither was mine. This is somewhat the opposite of our regular season results with John cleaning house and myself holding my head above the .500 mark, well, above the .400 mark. However, much like his beloved Chargers, John suffered a minor letdown in the playoffs. Anyways, it was a good year for pick 'em, this is the last you'll hear about the NFL until, say, late March when the pre-draft camps roll around.

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