Friday, February 16

2/16 "Daily" And-1

Sooooo, since my computer decided not to inform me that the battery was about to die, you all get a shortened version of my previous post. Ok, back from work, this post has officially been elaborated upon.

1) College BBall Update - duke beat bc: looks like missing sean williams finally caught up with them i guess all it takes is a post presence and the eagles look a lot weaker that and Nelson's assumingly crushing defense on Jar-red Dud-ley, purdue upset indiana (big help to their tourney cv, the rest of their schedule is easy so this may have paved the way), 'zona flashed-back to 2 weeks ago losing to USC: the pac-10 is obviously giving itself handouts again, making sure they all get in, and a couple of Overrated U's (OSU and OU) got scared/beaten (by penn st/cal respectively) you know, I wouldn't mind UNC being a 2 seed to OSU's #1.

2) Other news - roy is up for the hall of fame (isn't it weird how coaches get in before they retire? i guess its only fair b/c if you waited until after they retired it might be too late), the bengals franchise tagged DE justin smith, along with Bears - LB Lance Briggs and Pats CB Asante Samuel (smart moves). Keith Foulke retired, Jason Whitlock wants LJ traded, great KenPom blog about Coach K, and FO got around to reviewing the Panthers

From Saturday's Observer & Herald-Sun:
Ty Lawson
Inside ACC
Carolinas BBall
NBA Rookie/Soph Game

And-1) see the weekend preview below:

UNC @ State (ladies) 2/16
UNC @ BC 2/17 (uh-oh?)

College Weekend Preview
FSU @ UVA (go 'Noles)
Indiana @ UMich (indiana needs to bounce back strong)
T A&M @ OU (i think i can hear the choking from here)
UConn @ 'Cuse (back end of the bubble-icious)
G'Town @ 'Nova (nova's quickness/technique on defense seems to be neutralizing G'Town's O)
L'Ville @ Marquette (louisville looks to move into the "should be in" category after the pitt win)
Memphis @ Gonzaga (poor memphis, can't schedule a winner to save their life)
UCLA @ 'Zona
Florida @ Vandy (if the gators win, look for a 16-0 SEC run)
UK @ 'Bama
GT @ Duke (the jackets don't have a prayer)
Maryland @ Clemson (as the 5-6 ACC teams continue to beat up on each other)

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BBusters round 1: Winthrop shocks Mizzou St., go BIG SOUTH, show the valley where its at

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