Tuesday, October 2

Week 4 Pick'em Recap

John: 4-2, 12 points (16-8, 40 points)
Ryan: 1-5, -11 points (12-12, 0 points)
Guest (Ravi): 0-6, -21 points (7-17, -34 points)

Ewww, what an ugly week. The guest record has really gone south in the last two weeks, as an 0-6 showing by Ravi is, I believe, the first time someone has not recorded a single victory in a week. Ryan didn't do much better, managing to scrape together a victory on Brett Favre's back, but it drops his record overall to a decidedly average 12-12 with zero net points. John put together his usual record of 4-2, and came out big on the Kansas City upset to boost his record to a downright ethereal 16-8 with 40 points.

The Philadelphia loss really hurt all of us, costing the panel a ridiculous 16 points. Osi Umenyiora totaled a godlike six sacks against McNabb, leading a stout Giants defense that boasted 12 sacks and two forced fumbles (both courtesy of Umenyiora). Umenyiora's six sacks stand as the Giants' single-game franchise record.

Also noteworthy was the fact that the seemingly hapless Falcons collected their first victory of the season over Houston, which cost the panel 11 points overall. Joey Harrington, surprisingly, is ranked as the league's 8th-best quarterback after four weeks of play.

A call now goes out for next week's guest picker (I'm looking at you, Chuck, but anyone's welcome to fill the spot). Cason is probably the next-most-likely candidate, as he easily holds the comments record for the blog.

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