Sunday, October 14

Week Six Pix

(note: since the Carolina line hss ballooned to 5/5.5, likely thanks to Carr not playing, we're switching over to Cleveland-Miami)

6) NY Giants over Atlanta - um, in case you haven't noticed, the Falcons are bad, I wonder how the ratings juggernaut of MNF will do with this ugly contest

5) Philadelphia over NY Jets - the Eagles just don't lose after bye weeks under Andy Reid, and they can easily blitz Pennington while covering his 15 yd throwing radius

4) Cleveland over Miami - the Dolphins are pretty bad as well, and the Browns can move the ball on offense (they put up 17 on the Pats, 17!)

3) Cincinnati over Kansas City - wow, are we just picking games involving shitty teams this week?

2) Tennessee over Tampa Bay - the Bucs have no running back, the Titans have 3

1) Washington over Green Bay - this is my 50-50, should be an entertaining matchup, can old Favre overcome the lack of a running game? can young Campbell handle an on-the-rise Packers' defense?

Upset) Houston over Jacksonville (7.0) - the young Texan D may be able to halt the Jaguar rushing attack that is just gaining momentum, do this and the Jags very well may fall apart at the seams (all over again), now when the Texans have the ball, I have no idea how they'll pull it off, o/u for points: 22

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