Tuesday, October 16


I really love reading Darin Gantt, there is no good reason he should be writing for a small town paper like the Rock Hill Herald, but I enjoy his Panthers coverage. In this weeks' columns he fleshes out the QB situation (for next year) including a great Hurney quote "I think at this point everybody thinks Jake's going to be back and ready, and we've got some young guys that we like.", and lets a little rain fall on the parade.

WTF Commish?

And all you Purple Jesus/AD/AP fans out there can stop crowning the next Eric Dickerson

I LOVE Roy Williams, first the Megatron/Orch Dork saga, and now there is apparently some pizza delivery saga (first he didn't tip pizza guys, now he's running pies for a Detrot area pizza hut)

Oh, and a baseball special for John, Will Leitch never disappoints at Fair and Foul (to be fair, signed Dice-K was a business decision, that will reap benefits beyond the field such as merchandise in Japan, a pipeline to Asian talent, and the Yankees not having him). Oh yeah, and what's today's date? Its the 16th of ROCKtober, congrats to the NL Champs. And for what its worth, I think 8 days rest is the easiest opponent that the Rockies have faced in the past 22 games. (PS: notice the new look sleek Deadspin?)

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