Sunday, October 21

Early Pick 'em Recap

OUCH, we're all reeling after the 1 o'clock entire week of games:

Ryan: -11 pts, 2-4 (62, 28-14)
John: -11 pts, 2-4 (19, 23-19)
Dani: -13 pts, 2-4 (-39, 16-26)

If I weren't such a flip-flopper (or such a sucker for Vince Young) I'd have at least 1 correct pick. We all whiffed big time on sure bets such as Pittsburgh beating Denver, and Baltimore beating Buffalo. John and I also kept up our sterling record, always topping the guest we invite to join in the misery of picking the crapshoot that is the NFL. I'd like to point out that though I'm only 5 games behind John (not a heavy or insurmountable lead) he's running away with the points 62 to 19. This is probably due to the fact that his 5 and 6 point games seem to always go John's way.

Next week, Epic System's newest, uh, well, we know Cason works for Epic Systems in Madison, WI, but we're not sure what he does, maybe he can elaborate when he gets here. Also an early look at the games: Cle/StL, Phi/Min, Buf/NYJ, Jax/Tam, NO/SF, GB/Den (the lines page is in the "Links" section). Somehow, Pittsburgh is only receiving 3.5 points at Cincinnati, not sure how that's working, John and I really need an account at one of these places.


John said...

Yeah, because betting on the games we picked this week would have worked out REALLY well for us

Byron said...

eh, you'll get 'em next week.

I'd also like to point out that I account for only -1 of -39 pts of the guest the question is...why was I called out? Oh, right.

John said...

Ouch! Get'em, slugger!

Ryan said...

I believe you were called out because you didn't research your picks, not necessarily because of a poor performance, Ravi researched his picks and he went 0-6.

(We've always stated that picking games with low lines is a large portion luck, as they are easily able to go either way)

dani said...

byron, did you really expect them to leave you alone? seriously?

although apparently if i had used your method i would've done much better. at least 1 more correct pick, probably 2. geez.