Wednesday, October 10

Knee Jerk Top 10

Yeah, so I've decided to get a little lazy in my poll making, and a Power 16 doesn't really seem to make a lot of sense anyways, so 10 it is. Not only 10 because its the first 2 digit number, or because we have 10 fingers and are ruled by 10-based number systems, but 10 because that's how many teams will eventually make BCS bowls. So this week will be a nice wrap-up of 2 Saturdays' worth of activities

1) LSU - Easily the #1 team in the country, haven't I said this for a while?
2) OSU - Also very very impressive, I don't know how the AP has Cal ahead of them (ok, I do know, they started higher in the preseason)
3) Cal - Winning on the road in the Pac-10 is a good sign, though I'm not sold on the rest of their resume
4) USF - Wow, how does UNC pick their schedule? We always seem to play the wrong team the wrong year (ND/Rutgers last year, USF this year)
5) SC - Only loss is at the obvious #1 team in the country, what's wrong with that? Should easily be the top 1-loss team, and probably ranked higher than some unbeatens (as they are here)
6) Oklahoma - I'm not one to hold a grudge over one loss
7) Missouri - They seem to be impressing people (ok, ok, I'm copying the blog poll, sorry I didn't happen to watch any football this past weekend, I had better things to do)
8) WVU - Strong bounce back effort against 'Cuse, they should show that they're for real in the coming weeks
9) BC - This makes me sick, in fact, I was going to rank them 6th, but I can't, there is no way. I'm going to drop them to 9th on principle alone, they have beaten NO ONE, next year I want UNC to stack the schedule to start with 4 cupcakes that we should beat a 2 decent teams on par with us. Soon a 6-0 start, slippage at the top, and the Butch Davis year 2 will be off with a bang. Honestly AP poll, #4?, Really? Have you no shame? Semi-bold prediction, BC finishes the year 2-4.
10) Illinois - I think from now on the #10 spot will go to a newcomer to the top 20 or so who has shown some real potential, could they definitely beat Kentucky or Oregon the other 2 competitors for this slot? Maybe, but I'm basing this more on recent performance and potential.

Dropping (from the top 10) - USC, Florida, Rutgers, Texas, Oregon)

The day's links:
Jon Beason is rocking out as the Panthers new MLB
The Panthers have signed a QB who is closer to my parents' age than my own (not to mention drafted in the same position, but 15 years earlier, than David Carr)
The man who will be (and is currently) most responsible for the mercinarification (is that a word?) of sports, especially baseball, thinks A-Rod is worth 500 million for the next 10 years (are we crossing into an era where players begin to directly make money from their own revenue? first Becks and now this)
Deadspin editor Will Leitch's Fair and Foul blog with the NY Times is definitely worth a read

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