Wednesday, October 10

Back from Bangkok

A few of facts:

Fact 1: I should be in bed right now

Fact 2: This post humors me greatly

Fact 3: The week's slate of games to pick is Cin/KC, Phil/NYJ, Tenn/TB, Wash/GB, Car/Ari, NYG/Atl

Fact 4: These seem really easy to pick, like, really easy, though maybe I've just been gone too long and I'm basing it on week 3 knowledge

Fact 5: We need a guest picker for the week (Cason? Dani?)

Fact 6: I should be asleep right now

Fact 7: I like elephants

Fact 8: Jake Delhomme > David Carr


John said...

You've already lined up the games to pick for Week 6? Don't let that 6-0 go to your head, or anything.

Ryan said...

Sorry, it is Wednesday isn't it?

I mean, I couldn't think of anything else to post about, its not as if either of us has watched playoff baseball (for different reasons of course).

John said...

I just noticed the "A few of facts" gem, by the way