Tuesday, October 30

Pick 'em Results (8)

Wow, what a pick 'em barnburner:

John: 24 pts, 6-0 (86, 34-14)
Cason: 20 pts, 5-1 (-19, 21-27)
Ryan: 19 pts, 5-1 (38, 28-20)

Wow, congrats on a great week, in total points (63 points handed out) this week topped our previous high in Week 5 (55), when Shawn guest picked. Not sure if we'll approach that ever again since all 3 pickers going 6-0 would total 63 points. Also, a hearty congratulations to Cason, becoming our first guest to top either me or John. The only mistakes were Cason's severe desire not to be a homer and pick Green Bay (even though Favre was on MNF). Meanwhile I surrendered to the siren's song of homerism by picking a Panthers upset.

Now, onto next week, a quick preview of the lines and games has 10 games at 3.5 or less, here they are:
Wash@NYJ, GB@KC, Ariz@TB, SF@Atl, Jax@NO, Den@Det, Cin@Buf, Sea@Cle, Hou@Oak, Dal@Phil

Something tells me our records may take a bit of a hit, we shall see.

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Anonymous said...

Sure enough, I should have trusted the Favre. In my defense, I was pretty close - had Jay Cutler's pass to Rod Marshall been about a foot higher, he would have caught it for a TD at the end of regulation. Come to think of it, if Shanahan had called another pass to the end zone instead of a QB draw on 3rd and 1, Denver could have scored easily. Oh well, I'll still take going 5-1 given last week's performance.
- Cason