Sunday, October 28

Guest Week 8 Post

This week we welcome Cason Dwyer, Project Manager, Epic Systems, since Cason went the wordy rout, I'll turn it over to him:

Greetings from the land of cheese and beer (if only I could indulge in both...)! Writing from the headquarters of Epic Systems, I'll be the guest picker for this week and I'll try to improve upon last week's poor performance. Let's get started, winners in bold:

6)Pittsburgh at Cincinnati:
Although the Steelers looked bad losing to Denver, I'll give them a pass and assume it wasn't their week and that the Broncos were upset by the Rockies' popularity so they decided to win a game. I think the Steelers will definitely beat the spread and be able to force enough turnovers to slow down the Bengal offense while scoring with ease when they have the ball.

5)Buffalo at New York Jets:
Let's see, Vilma is likely out as of the time of writing, Chad Pennington is starting, and the defense made Kenny Watson look like LaDanian Tomlinson...

4)Cleveland at St Louis:
A lot of people think the Rams are due for a win. I agree, but not this week.

3)New Orleans at San Francisco:
In previous years, I'd always have trouble when it came to predicting the Saints. In Last One Standing pools, my dad, my uncle and I would all have a rule that developed from experience: don't ever bet on the Saints. The corollary to that rule was don't ever bet against the Saints. In five years of LOS pools, anyone who picked the Saints would always lose because the Saints would do the exact opposite of what we expected. Predicting the Saints is much harder than cheering for them even when they were terrible.

As you can see, I've picked the Saints to win here. From a logical standpoint, the Saints have won two in a row against, at best, mediocre competition. However, San Francisco certainly fits that description. I don't think they will put up a plethora of points, but I think they will do enough to win against a 49ers team that is just getting back Alex Smith. Reggie Bush might get a bunch of scores like he did last year against the 49ers, even though he's had to fight harder for his yards and TD's this year.

In spite of all my predictions, don't be surprised at all if the Aints show up in San Fran and Alex Smith throws for a bajillion yards in a 49er win.

2)Green Bay at Denver:
Finally, a home team! I would love to see the Pack win since I was required by state law to become a Packers fan, but I think the Packers have been getting too lucky in many of thier wins. Denver woke up against the Steelers and I think they will be able to force Favre into throwing interceptions since Green Bay's running game suffered another injury with DeShawn Wynn hurting his neck.

1)Philadelphia at Minnesota:
I think this is the toughest call. The Eagles haven't scored a lot and they probably won't break 20 on Sunday. However, the defense can slow Adrian Peterson and force the Vikings to throw, where they are weakest.

Editor's note(s): Cason's upset pick is Detroit over Chicago (-6), also, I hope I inferred the correct pick for each game

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