Friday, October 19

Guest Pick 'em Week 7

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This week's guest picks are courtesy of Dani Volker and her colleagues at the Circulation Desk in Davis Graduate Library. Actually, in all seriousness, we'd like to thank Dani for actually putting some research and thought into her picks unlike previous guests (Flippy McQuarter, Byron Huff). These picks look pretty good to me, though as you all know that's as much of a curse as a blessing. With a slightly easy week to pick and some minimium research Dani might have a shot at the #1 guest picker spot held by John labmate Shawn (5-1, 15 pts). As an aside, care to post an upset pick Dani?

6. Baltimore over Buffalo: Apparently my picks are gonna pretty closely resemble the guys', but having brushed up on my football knowledge some this week, even I know that a team with weak offense stands no chance against a team with a good defense.

5. Houston over Tennessee: With Vince Young all banged up, Tennessee would have a rough time pulling this one out.

4. Pittsburgh over Denver: Tune in to watch Denver's defense fold like a cheap card table under the weight of the Steelers' offense.

3. Indianapolis over Jacksonville: This one should be close, but from what I hear, when in doubt, don't bet against the Colts.

2. Tampa Bay over Detroit: From the looks of it it's gonna be a bad week for the home team. But with the Lions in a slump and the Bucs on a roll, this game shouldn't break the trend.

1. Kansas City over Oakland: My office football officianado tells me asking who'll win this game is like asking who's gonna be second to go down the drain, but we'll have a go at it anyway. With a slightly better record and a recent win under their belt, Kansas city should ride momentum to win over an Oakland team fresh off a loss.

Alright, that's all I've got.

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