Thursday, October 18

Links Du Jour

So I think I'll just have a running post each day (or every couple of days) with links to visit, here are what I've found thus far morning:

BlogPoll is up (John mentions that the FEI is also up this week for the first time, Go Heels! UNC is a spot above Wisconsin)

The Ohio State Buckeyes are teaching their new dogs some old tricks (and putting up with crap for a weak schedule)

In a shoutout to Jason, the US broke their European winless streak

And from Dani, the New York Times is reporting that Norse wizards (not starting pitching) are to blame for the Yankees' playoff failures this season

Apparently Jon Beason has been reading his handbook on how to be a good rookie, "it's not like I'm going to bring more to the table than a healthy Dan Morgan. I think with both of us out there, we're a better defense."

And finally, some quotes from FO:
“I go with my gut. Your gut always tells you what’s right.” -Herm Edwards
“I have to make sure I don’t lose my (composure), because then it becomes bad … it becomes ‘Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da.’” -Also Herm (that's the Sportscenter Theme Song)
“I told you you couldn’t overthrow me.” -Steve Smith (I mean, he's right, you can't)


John said...

No FEI love?

Ryan said...

not sure what you're playing at Albus