Friday, October 19

Ryan's Week 7 Pick 'em (and some links after that)

Go road teams!

6) Pittsburgh over @Denver - No Javon Walker doesn't help the (already injured)Broncos here. Their backs are against the wall, and its not good to look up from that position and see the Steelers. Currently, IMO (and FO's), there are only two teams you'd least like to see, the Pats and the Colts, but somehow, no one seems to be talking about the Steelers.

5) Tampa Bay over @Detroit - Um, guys, hello? Vegas? Really? I know Tampa doesn't do it with flair or style or anything like that, but they get it done. This matchup seems tailor made for them, move the ball on a weak Detroit defense, and then shut down the high powered passing attack, easy enough, right?

4) Baltimore over @Buffalo - This was really tempting to swing the other way, as Beatpaths points out, the Ravens have really been feasting on weak competition, defeating the Jets, Niners, Cards, and Rams. However, the Bills are starting a rookie QB and have been feasting on weak competition themselves (if you count a 17-14 win over the Jets). Look fo an ugly matchup with total points not breaking the 35 point threshold.

3) Kansas City over @Oakland - We really have a habit of picking the bad teams, well, its not our fault, Vegas sets the lines. Oakland this year has been horrid, especially against the rush. Combine that with a bouncing back KC defense and you've got the recipe for a win at the Black Hole. Also, congrats to all you LJ owners if you've held onto him, enjoy him for the next 3 weeks before he blows a tire.

2) Indianapolis over @ Jacksonville - Don't think the Jags have the horses on offense to run with the Colts, nor can they stop their vaunted passing attack (gimpy Marvin Harrison and all). Tony Dungy lives on trading field goals for TD's, which is what the Colts will be doing Monday night.

1) Tennessee over @Houtson - This game hinges on whether or not one person plays, Kerry Collins. Well, indirectly Kerry Collins, directly Vince Young. You all may remember I got screwed by picking the Titans while Young decided to take the 4th quarter off, something about a strained quad (what a baby). So, this week its pretty simple. Vince Young plays, Titans win. Vince Young sits, upset city. Will Carroll thinks he'll play, so Titans win.
Edit: OK, note here folks, I was serious about the whole Vince Young thing, if he starts and gets injured (thus Titans lose), I'll take the points hit. If Kerry Collins starts, this pick flips instantaneously over to Houston>Tennessee, I may get up and physically switch this, but we'll see.

And I'll hop on John's bandwagon for the upset Atlanta over New Orleans (7.5), the Saints haven't shown me a whole lot yet, so I'm not ready to bet on them, also their defense shouldn't be able to stop Leftwich and some competent recievers.

Links (wasn't that cool? it just jumps you down the page!)
Via John, the Tar Heels' newest stud pitcher was top 15 MLB draft talent, but is coming to school instead.

Apparently Joe Torre hit 30 HRs, 110 RBIs, all while pitching 200+ innings a year for the '96-'01 Yankees

Guess who was right

Terry Pendleton might not be going anywhere

Oh, and bummer John, I mean, Mr. Pac-10 Basketball

I knew I forgot something, "Joe says No" to one giant sham of an offer from the Steinbrenners, as John says "Hello Cardinals!" (more on Joe, this guy mirrors my general beliefs, more or less)

Great stuff by Josh Beckett last night, and as everyone is now noticing, he's stepped up twice now ('07 & '03) in the playoffs. Here are Beckett's career playoff numbers: 9 G (8 GS), 5-2, 3 CG, 1.78 ERA, 65.2 Innings, .716 WHIP, 73 K. Now, that's a smallish sample size (one-third of a season), but against some damn fine hitters Beckett has gotten it done.

Also on Baseball Reference, an interesting feature called "Stat of the Day"

From Baseball Musings (Via RMN), Troy Tulowitzki is the first rookie shortstop to start in a World Series since one Derek Jeter

Meant to post this PC article on Chief Wahoo earlier (and now we've go a Bobby Knight interview on the same blog)

John and I dominate the KP chat

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John said...

:'-( Go Cardinal? Maybe? My love for Pac-10 basketball is severely diminished now.

By the way, Terry Pendleton isn't going anywhere, I could have told you that; he'll take over for the Braves when Cox retires. Dayton Moore likes four other people in our organization for the Royals manager position, but from what I've read (found here), he's in no rush to hire anyone.