Wednesday, October 17

Mid-Week Pick 'em Update

Ok folks, since I've slacked off for some time, accidentally letting the pick 'em results slip by due to all the baseball hysteria. Anyways, last weeks results:

John: 14, 5-1 (73*, 26-10)
Ryan: 9, 3-3 (30, 21-15)
Flippy McQuarter: -7, 2-4 (-26, 14-22)

*John awarded himself 20 points for last week, when he only earned 19. I know, I know, see what he tries to sneak by while I'm not around?

So, John was his usual self, just missing on one pick, though it was the 5 pointer. Though nailing the upset (+3) helped pick him up a little. He correctly predicted a barnburner in Miami and the falling flat of the Jets' offense, though apparently Brian Greise should scare people. I fared a little worse, but for the first time (ever) knew my limitations. I nailed the 6, 5, and 4 point affairs, and whiffed on the lower games. In my defense, if Vince Young had played the whole game the Titans would have won, and the other game I missed, Washington over GB, was also a 3 point affair. And from both John and I, what the hell Cincy, you SUCK. Our friend Flippy got a little caught up, apparently he hasn't read a paper in quite some time. Just an FYI Flippy, Michael Vick is on house arrest. Investing 6 points in the Fowlcants (or Foulcants) really cost him (Flippy, not Vick).

In the coming week we've got lots of good teams playing at home, which makes for 7 and 8 point lines. Joining us in the role of guest will be the newest librarian in Davis, Dani Volker. Here are the nailbiters we're planning on picking, as always subject to change (Away/Home):
Bal/Buf, TB/Det, Ten/Hou, KC/Oak, Pit/Den, Ind/Jax

Move over John Hollinger, get ready for Basketball Batting Average, but are free throw attempts ~ walks? So who's ready for basketball OBP, or OPS even?
Um, really Deadspin? Could you be any later to the party?
Earlier this was above (linked to "hysteria"), but its a good HBT article on what the Rockies did to the D'backs. In part the D'backs took 8 walks and 0 scored, the Rockies took 18 walks and 6 scored
Is it time to retire Cheif Wahoo?


John said...

Thanks for catching that unintentional oversight on my part. Even pick'em machines mess up sometimes, it seems.

John said...

A few other remarks:

Did we have fun at the State Fair, chief?

I think we should call them the Fowlcants instead of the Foulcants.

Ryan said...

Well, they are FOUL as in putrid, but either spelling works.

The oversight came from you calculating your point score by subtracting 1 from my point score (bc you missed the 1 pt game). But you have to include that I got +1 and you got -1, a difference of 2 pts.

John said...

Got it, thanks