Thursday, October 18

Week 7 Pick'em

Pittsburgh over Denver (6). It's weeks like these that make me wish I lived in Vegas. 3.5-point spread for this game? Really, Vegas? Denver will be without a mostly ineffective Javon Walker due to surgery, but even with him, Denver wouldn't have had a prayer in this game. Steelers roll.

Tampa Bay over Detroit (5). This game is almost as ludicrous as Pittsburgh/Denver. Apparently, people still aren't giving Tampa Bay the credit it deserves while at the same time being on the Jon Kitna 5,000 yards watch. There's no way this one's close.

Baltimore over Buffalo (4). Yes, yes, we all know the Ravens can't score, but neither can the Bills, and the Ravens play defense. The Bills don't.

Indianapolis over Jacksonville (3). Gutsy going with this one as my three-pointer, but even at Jacksonville, and even though they might be without Harrison, this Colts offense is just too good for Jacksonville to stop. The Colts defense has surprisingly held its own this season as well, ranking eighth in the NFL.

Kansas City over Oakland (2). These two games are a bit iffy for me, but Oakland has just been awful this season. Even if they have another implosion from Larry Johnson, the Chiefs should still manage to get by this pathetic Raiders team.

Houston over Tennessee (1). Vince Young will likely be at less than full strength even if he starts, and if Kerry Collins starts, I don't see much hope for the Titans in this one.

Upset Special: Atlanta over New Orleans (-7.5). Damn, one win and everyone hops right back on that Saints bandwagon. I'm surprised the wheels didn't come right off after all that extra weight suddenly jumped onto it. The Falcons are the better team here, if not by much, so I've got to go with them this week.

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