Wednesday, October 24

World Series Preview

Just to remind everyone, the baseball season isn't quite over yet. The Red Sox have the mind-numbing formality of playing the NL Champion Rockies. Yeah, you'd think they'd have started that by now, huh? Well, at least we all got an extra episode of House out of it to tide us over. Anyways, John and I will be strongly pulling against the Red Yanks, err, I mean, Sox. Its time for ROCKtober, here are some previews via sites that know more about baseball than I (more than even John!). As a side note, if you came here because I pestered you and convinced you that you should know about the teams playing, you should keep reading down to John's "New York Look Yankees?" post, its the kind of original idea, well-researched post we put up about once a month around here.

The Hardball Times What2Watch4 in the World Series (also from THT the cases for the Rockies and for the Red Sox

The AP points out that this series was already played, in June

"Sox and Dawgs" goes back to look at the aforementioned
3 game series at Fenway

The writer of "Baseball Musings" previews the series at TSN

BP has a couple of articles about the rotations for both teams and their patience at the plate

Epic Carnival gets in the the World Series preview action, and follows up with 6 important issues facing the teams as they head into play tonight.

Byron commented on the lack of a prediction from John or I. We both more or less argee with the pundits, I've got the Sox in 6, John has them in 7. The Rockies pitching seems overmatched, and the Sox lineup is so much better from top to bottom. Though, as if you couldn't tell, we hope ROCKtober rolls on.

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