Sunday, October 14

Random Guest Picks Week 6 (and probably 7 and 8 and...)

Since apparently the challenge of going up against John and I at a totally random pick 'em is more than any mortal can bear, that and no one apparently reads what amateur internet hacks write, we're having to flip a coin this week to see what the "guest" says.

6) Atlanta over New York

5) Philadelphia over NY Jets

4) Tennessee over Tampa Bay

3) Cincinnati over Kansas City

2) Green Bay over Washington

1) Miami over Cleveland

(exactly 3/3 split heads/tails, and in such a small sample size)

Wow, the coin seems to be a pretty big dumbass, the Falcons over the G-men for 6 pts? Well, we'll see who is laughing come Monday night, but that's quite a gamble.

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