Sunday, October 28

Week 8 Pick'em

Cleveland over St. Louis (6). The Rams just haven't done anything right this season, and Marc Bulger didn't show me anything last week. If anything, his ribs might be more tender after the beating he took.

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati (5). I agree with Cason; last week's loss to the Broncos was a fluke for the Steelers. The Carson Palmer-led offense is amazing, but Cincinnati really Bungles along on defense. Expect a high-scoring affair, but with the Steelers ending with a comfortable lead.

Green Bay over Denver (4). The Packers have looked solid all season long on both sides of the ball. The Broncos are missing Javon Walker on offense and their defense is one of the league's worst.

New Orleans over San Francisco (3). This one could get ugly. Both teams have cobbled together two wins on the season, but New Orleans' offense is a bit of an upgrade over the 49ers'; especially with Alex Smith just coming back from injury.

Buffalo over New York (2). The Bills' defense has looked decent so far, so they should be able to stave off the Jets' offense, whether it's led by Pennington or Clemens.

Philadelphia over Minnesota (1). Going to be a close one here, but Philadelphia's offense is so much better than Minnesota's, and their defense will be looking to stop the rush all day long and let the pass beat them.

Upset Special: Detroit over Chicago (-6). I really don't see how people are still all over the Bears' nuts this season, even though they've been just awful. Detroit's no great shakes either, but they'll roll in this one.

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