Thursday, October 11

Playoffs?!? Playoffs??!?

With Starling song being my main activity of the day at work, I've been scouring the internet looking for readable articles. As it turns out, there seem to be some type of playoffs starting up tonight, maybe in some minor 3rd party sport or something, I'm not sure. I mean, if its not NFL then who gives a crap right?

Previews from Hardball Times (in case you haven't been following MLB all that closely, I'll understand, I promise):
Why the Rockies will lose to some AL team in the World Series
Why the D'backs will lose to some AL team in the World Series
Tonight's NLCS Game 1 pitching matchup, woah, wait before you click, major points if you can name the 2 starting pitchers, hell ANY 2 starting pitchers on these two teams (and no John, you can't play)
Is it sad that if it weren't for Brian Fuentes I wouldn't be able to differentiate the Rockies and D'backs bullpens?

Other Baseball News/Blogs:
John Schuerholz is stepping down after 17 years as Braves GM
The common thread running though the 4 remaining playoff teams
MVP calculations via regression and simultaneous anticipation of voter stupidity

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