Friday, September 28

Week 4 Pick'em

Philadelphia over New York (6). This one shouldn't even be close - the Giants are awful and the Eagles are amazing. How is this line under three points?

Tampa Bay over Carolina (5). Pains me to do this, just like it did last season when I picked against the Cats, but Delhomme's out for the game and I'm just not seeing it this week after getting stomped by the Texans and not doing nearly the damage to the Falcons that we should have.

Seattle over San Francisco (4). Not much to say about this one; the 49ers offense has been stagnant so far, and Seattle's been decent.

Green Bay over Minnesota (3). Officially on the Green Bay bandwagon, and Minnesota's lack of a quarterback isn't going to help their situation.

Houston over Atlanta (2). Trading Matt Schaub was a bad idea.

Detroit over Chicago (1). Toss-up; both teams have looked piss-poor so far, and I certainly don't trust Griese to carry the Bears here. Roy Williams' big day is still lingering in my mind, also.

Upset Special: Kansas City over San Diego (-13.0). Call me crazy, but Kansas City's defense has actually been decent thus far, and based on FO's article about the San Diego offensive line, I believe the Chiefs can prolong Tomlinson's offensive struggles for one more week. Plus, I just can't say no when seven big ones are staring me in the face if I pull this off.

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