Thursday, September 27

Ryan's Week 4 Picks

6)Houston over @Atlanta - The Fowlcants are reeling, and the Houston defense is good. Look for Matt Schaub to rub Mr. Blank's nose in Atlanta's mistake
5)Green Bay over @Minnesota - The Packers defense should feast on whoever QBs the Vikings
4)Philadelphia over @New York (N) - I hope Andy Reid is a better coach than Joe Gibbs
3)@Carolina over Tampa Bay - Keeping the faith, screw the Bucs
2)@San Francisco over Seattle - Even game, let's ride with the home boys (and the team with a running game)
1)Chicago over @Detroit - Strength versus strength here, there are two halves of good teams on the field when the Lions have the ball, the other half of the game, errr. I'll take the Bears on the strength of their defense (and the fact that I can't see them going 1-3)

Upset Special - Cincy over New England (7.5) - yeah, I know, the Pats are a MACHINE. But the Bengals are a lot like the Panthers, they play up or down to competition. They'll lay and egg against the Browns but then step up to the challenge of the Pats, besides have the Pats played an offense like that of the Bengals yet? Didn't think so...

PS: Ravi is the guest picker, he'll email you John. and if I do well this week I'm never spending more than 10 minutes on my picks again.

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