Saturday, September 15

Guest Picker: Emily Rosowski, MIT PhD Candidate

Ok, so let's keep in mind here that I really don't follow football that
much and in general will be making picks based on past grudges or
disliking/liking a player/coach. Although I did try to do a minimum of

San Francisco over St. Louis (1) - I guess mainly because St. Louis lost
last week at home while San Fran won, and plus I still don't like the
Rams from when the Pats played them in the super bowl in 2001 (is that
the right year?).

Green Bay over NY Giants (4) - I mean come on, it's new york, and my
uncle was a Green Bay fan. Plus again, GB won last week and NY lost.
AND the giants have Eli Manning (insert picture of me vomiting here).

New Orleans over Tampa Bay (3) - I guess I better pick the favored team
in at least one game...

Minnesota over Detriot [sic] (2) - Apparently Detriot's [sic] got a strong offense and Minnesota's got a strong defense. Gonna go with the defense here.

Seattle over Arizona (5) - Didn't Seattle almost win the Super Bowl a
year or two ago, and who's even heard of the Arizona Cardinals? Plus
now that Lauren's in Seattle I've gotta support the Seahawks.

New England over San Diego (6) - Ok, so it looks like Bill Belichick is
a cheater which is kinda disappointing, but even more reason for the
Pats to come out and win big to show that they don't need the tapes to
demolish an opponent.

Upset pick: NY Jets over Baltimore - Even though the Pats pretty much
destroyed the Jets last week, I thought they actually played well and
was amazed at how well Chad Pennington played while limping around the
field. Plus Eric Mangini, an ex-Belichick disciple, coaches the Jets.

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