Monday, September 24

Week 3 Pick 'em Recap

I warned you all that it was going to be a rough week, so, here are the standings (with John's upset bonus points to come as an edit later tonight).

John (2): 9 pts, 4-2 (25 pts 12-6)
Ryan (1): -1 pts, 3-3 (11 pts, 11-7)
Jesse (0): -11 pts, 1-5 (-11 pts, 7-11)

Wow, the guests had really been treading water, which is expected with the fact that the games we pick seem to be nearly toss-ups, you would expect about 50-50 and a .500 record. I should have put more faith in my gut call of Dallas over Chicago, which turned out to be right, but instead I left it down at 1 point to earn me literally nothing. John combined the usual blog poster record on the week (4-2) with a good allotment of point values to rack up 9 points on the week. The Minnesota collapse really hurt all of us, costing the panel a total of 15 points, I mean, really, the Chiefs? Oh well, like they say, any given Sunday. The next two weeks I'll do what I can to mail my picks in from Thailand, and John will be in charge of tracking down a guest or inviting trusty old Abe Lincoln (and his friend the random number generator to weight the games) to do the guest honors. We could make it internatonal week if Chuck wanted to weigh in from Poland, just a thought.

News Updates:
Catfight in Bristol! (sorry John, Erin Andrews isn't involved)
The Rockies are roaring back into the playoff race (+7% in one day!)
Oh yeah, and Peter King must have been playing the Brian Westbrook owner in his Fantasy League this weekend, its really the only possible explanation for this.

Depending upon how noisy these Starlings get I might be back on later for my "Knee-Jerk Power 16" (and Byron, its not going to be pretty for your Gators)

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