Saturday, September 8

Week 1 Pick'em

Week 1 NFL Pick'em:

Carolina over St. Louis (6 points). No way am I able to pick against the Panthers in Week 1, especially against St. Louis (yuck).

Minnesota over Atlanta (5 points). Trading Matt Schaub was a bad idea.

Cincinnati over Baltimore (4 points). Offense is more consistent from year to year than defense, and I'm totally feeling the Cincinnati offense this season.

Kansas City over Houston (3 points). Even though LJ won't be getting many carries (allegedly), the Houston defense can't even stop LJ's backup, Michael Bennett.

Green Bay over Philadelphia (2 points). Brett Favre BLOWS UP for five touchdowns. Five picks will come next week.

Buffalo over Denver (1 point). Marshawn Lynch has a BREAKOUT first game as a Bill, and totally annihilates the Bronco defense.

Upset special: New York over Dallas. Ehhh, not really big on any of the upset possibilities over a 3.5-point spread, which I feel is a little bit of a cop-out. So I'm hoping Eli and Brandon Jacobs will be able to lead the charge on Sunday.

Edit: forgot to add point totals.

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