Saturday, September 15

Week 2 Pick'em

Seattle over Arizona (6). Feeling Seattle in a rout here, just too easy to pick against Arizona this year.

Minnesota over Detroit (5). Given the running back situations for both teams, this is the easy choice.

Green Bay over New York (4). Green Bay's defense will smother a less-than-100% Eli Manning or his backup, and don't expect to see the same efficiency from Derrick Ward as you would from Brandon Jacobs. Favre throws five picks in this one, but it won't matter.

San Francisco over St. Louis (3). I like San Francisco this year, they could contend in the West if Gore lives up to expectations.

New England over San Diego (2). I honestly don't think the Patgate fallout will affect New England too much, but this one could go either way.

Tampa Bay over New Orleans (1). I like Tampa Bay in the mild upset here, but the point value I've assigned it should show you how much faith I have in the pick.

Upset Special: Washington over Philadelphia. Philadelphia will be a force this season, no doubt, but I think War Eagle has a chance here after a missed opportunity for the Eagles last week at Green Bay.

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