Monday, September 17

Week 2 Pick'em Recap

Ryan: 7 pts, 4-2 (12 pts, 8-4)
John: 3 pts, 4-2 (16 pts, 8-4)
Emily: 1 pts, 3-3 (0 pts, 6-6)

As the loser of the week, I'll offer a (somewhat) in-depth analysis of the week's events. The Washington upset over Philadelphia helped out both Ryan and myself in the points category, improving us to 12 and 16 points on the season, respectively. The last-second field goal by Arizona obviously killed my week, but the Minnesota loss in OT to Detroit certainly didn't help matters. I can continue to console myself (as I did for much of last season) that my losses are generally close; I don't usually end up on the wrong side of blowouts. That said, assigning six and five points to two losses doesn't reflect well on my ability to hedge my bets, no matter what the final score was.

Ryan's week was marred by Arizona's victory as well, but he did end up on the wrong side of an ugly New Orleans loss to Tampa Bay. Who knew Jeff Garcia would light up the Saints secondary so well? I suppose the fact that Jason David has "defensed" just one pass in the last two weeks against Indianapolis and Tampa Bay should tell us something, especially with a quarterback like Garcia at the helm in that second loss.

So far, so good, as both Ryan and I are in the positive numbers and have dazzling 8-4 records on the season. The guest pickers have come out to (big surprise) a 0-point total and a .500 record. There are a lot of tempting upsets this upcoming week, so hopefully we can each nail one and score big points to boost those totals. Jesse, as a new Redskins fan, are you in as the guest picker for Week 3? You think you can nudge that guest record upwards a bit?

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