Saturday, September 22

Week 3 Pick'em

New York over Miami (6). Expect the Jets to put up a good game. Some tough matchups in the first two weeks have made them seem worse than they really are, although Chad Pennington's performance this week coming off an injury will be the deciding factor.

Minnesota over Kansas City (5). The Vikings are a pretty solid team; their defense is better than their offense, but I'll take Adrian Peterson and a backup quarterback against the Chiefs any day of the week.

Dallas over Chicago (4). The Bears have yet to show me anything this season, and the Cowboys appear to be firing on all cylinders early.

Jacksonville over Denver (3). Two close victories over weaker opponents have me doubting the Broncos. Expect the Jaguars to put it together this week on both offense and defense and win a barn-burner.

Seattle over Cincinnati (2). Okay, the Bengals probably won't have another game as embarrassing as the one against Cleveland, but I trust the Seahawks much more here fresh off the defensive disaster in Ohio.

Cleveland over Oakland (1). Ugh, why are we picking this game again? Both teams are terrible on both sides of the ball, but I suppose I have to give the Browns the benefit of the doubt after last week's offensive breakout.

Upset special: Tennessee over New Orleans (6-point spread). Not sure why the spread is so high on this game; I think Tennessee has a very good chance of winning this one. Hopefully I can go 2-0 on the season with Monday Night Football upset specials.

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