Thursday, September 20

Week 3 Pick 'em

I'm going to go ahead an apologize for a weak posting week, as I notice that our most recent post was about last week's picking action. So I'll lead off here with a few web discoveries:
1) Vegas Watch - my new favorite blog is pretty much 100% stat-devoted, hopefully they'll keep up the posting as the baseball season winds to a close
2) Reggie v. LenDale - with the Titans/Saints showdown approaching, Epic Carnival wonders: which USC product will turn out to be the better back? (Does this qualify as Cason-baiting?)
3) Beatpaths! - the return to importance of Beatpaths (it looked sorta silly after Week 1), this is a site that takes wins literally and ranks teams based on the teams they've beaten (and the teams the teams they've beaten have beaten)
4) BlogPoll - the recap of the week's blog poll from MGoBlog

Now, the week's NFL pick 'em lineup (paying attention, Jesse?)
Minnesota @ Kansas City
Miami @ New York (AFC)
Jacksonville @ Denver
Cincinnati @ Seattle
Cleveland @ Oakland
Dallas @ Chicago

As always, lines are courtesy of Vegas Insider. An aside: in case you haven't noticed in the past 2 weeks, the home team gets a 2.5- to 3-point advantage just for playing at home.

PS: I'm at work listening to Starling song, so I apologize for the lack of formatting, Safari sucks and I don't know html

Editor's note: John has taken the liberty of cleaning up not only the links in the post, but the grammar and spelling as well.

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