Friday, September 7

NFL Pick 'Em

Hello folks, John and I are back for another year of NFL Pick 'Em, and this time, with exciting new rules. So, if you all remember, we adapted the format of Pick 'Em to be able to assign differing point values to the slate of games we choose. So, since John and I are professionals, we only pick the tough ones, each week we'll select 6 games, all of which have lines of 3.5 or under. Each of these games get point values that correlate with the certainty of our picks, and we will be given either positive or negative points based on being right or wrong. Now, that's not all, we'll also add an Extra Point: Upset Special to the mix. John and I have to pick the underdog in a game whose line is greater than 3.5 points, and if this game is picked correctly, we'll get 3 extra points (but none if we're wrong, they can't take points away if you miss the PAT, can they?). OK, hopefully you'll all get used to this new method, and hopefully it will help John and I feel better about knowing what's going on in the NFL (ie, by have above .500 records). Last, hopefully we can get a guest in here every now and again to try and pick games against us, and if no guest is present, the "guest" tally will be random. So now onto this week's games (John, please correct me if I'm wrong).

Carolina @ St. Louis
Kansas City @ Houston
Denver @ Buffalo
Atlanta @ Minnesota
Philadelphia @ Green Bay
Baltimore @ Cincinnati (M)

Update (9/7 10:00 pm): S Byron P Huff has graciously agreed to be the guest in our initial week of Pick 'Em

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John said...

I think we were going with ATL/MIN over KC/HOU, but the latter has a lower spread, so we can go with that one if you want to. Alternatively, we can replace SF/ARI with ATL/MIN since the SF/ARI game is the only game selected with a 3.5-point spread.