Friday, September 14

Pick 'Em Week 2

First off, we'd like to welcome MIT Biology PhD. student (and occasional reader of TFSB) Emily Rosowski to the guest picker spot, hoping to better Byron's record of 3-3. Also, one quick modification before we get to the set of games to be picked for this coming weekend on NFL Football. Last weekend John and I decided to modify the "Extra Point" rule. This week (and from now on) the upset pick's value will be based in the line on the game. So, if an upset happens and is picked, the point value for such will be half the point spread, rounding up, so, if I picked Buffalo over Pittsburgh this week (line -9.0 to the Steelers), I'd recieve 5 bonus points (9/2=4.5, rounded up to 5). This will add extra incentize to picking more unlikel upsets. Last week there was only one upset amont the 9 games we didn't pick, Tennessee over Jacksonville. Now, onto this weeks' games:

San Francisco @ St. Louis
Green Bay @ New York Giants
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay
Minnesota @ Detroit
Seattle @ Arizona
San Diego @ New England

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