Saturday, September 22

Ryan's Week 3 NFL Pick 'em

6) Minnesota over @Kansas City - Ummm, I know the Chiefs are at home, and Arrowhead is a HUGE home field advantage, right up there with Seattle's, but the Chiefs just SUCK this year, and the Vikes aren't starting Jackson anymore, so they have something other than a running game.

5) @New York (AFC) over Miami - I can't think of any reason either of these teams will win the game. They're both very very bad teams, the only thing I can think of is that the Miami offense is simply inept, and the Jets have faced fairly superior opponents, so I'll lean with the home team and the SOS

4) @Oakland over Cleveland - Was the Bengals defense just that bad? I'm going to go with yes. The Browns really do suck people, now will everyone just drop Derek Anderson from their fantasy teams?

*Note: I really feel like these last 3 are crap shoots

3) @Denver over Jacksonville - The Broncos' defense is too good and will completely shut down David Gerrard, without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, I refuse to put stock in the Jags' potential until at least some of it is realized, and no, beating the Falcons 13-7 isn't realizing potential.

2) Cincinnati over @Seattle - Bounce back game for the Bengals (uh, just like the Saints last week, right?). The Seahawks haven't done much worth talking about and the Bengals are always a threat to move the ball freely, and hopefully Marvin Lewis will "coach 'em up" this weekend after his defense was embarrassed by the Browns.

1) Dallas over @Chicago - Maybe I'm just really skeptical of good teams, but both of these teams have pretty major character flaws, Dallas hasn't beaten anyone decent, while Chicago almost layed an egg against Kansas City (ugh). I'll stick with the Cowboys here, they're well rounded and the Bears offense doesn't even scare the Tar Heels right now. Oh, and get ready for Romo overload for a week.

Upset Special: St. Louis over @Tampa Bay (4.0)- I'm going for the easy money here, its a hard week, I'll steal a few points by hoping to nail a game in which Tampa only has a 4 point line b/c they're at home (It'd be a 2 point line towards St. Louis in the Jones Dome).

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